Have Laptop Will Travel

Posted by: Dawn Schell on September 2, 2011 11:09 am

[tongue firmly in cheek again – after all it’s still summer!] 

As an online counsellor I work from home.  Now, typically people think someone who works at home does so in robe and slippers while holding a cup of coffee.  I am here today to set the record straight.

As a matter of fact, I do……

[wait for it]

not sit around in a robe and slippers when doing online counselling. 

But I could if I wanted to [grinning]. It’s one of the advantages of working online.  No one sees me.

Hmm, on second thought, I must confess I often wear slippers while doing online counselling.  And sometimes I have a cup of coffee or tea at hand but I have never worn a robe while counselling [cross my heart]. 

One of the other advantages of working online is that I can do my online counselling anywhere.  When the weather is fine I can sit on my deck, enjoying the sunshine and the breeze, listening to the birds as they flit around the yard.  Or I can go to a nearby park or the beach.   In more inclement weather I can put on a fire, sit on my couch, cat on my lap and work.

And then there are the imaginary places I can work.  Have I mentioned the staff meetings we have at Worldwide Therapy Online Inc.?  The last one was “held” on a private jet on our way to the beaches in Thailand.  Ah, that’s the life [envious?]

[speaking in a serious tone] Of course, no matter where I am I do an assessment of  my surroundings by asking myself these questions – will I be able to give my full professional attention to my client in this place?  Is it sufficiently private to ensure client confidentiality?  Is it sufficiently secure?  If the answer is “No” then I find a space that meets my criteria. 

The opinions expressed in this blogpost are personal. 

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  1. Just looked at your site Dawn – it looks great!

    Keep up the great work,

    1. Dawn Schell says:

      Thanks for the feedback Derrick.


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