Focus on the Positive

Posted by: Jennifer Morrison on August 25, 2015 3:30 pm


As the summer winds down I am beginning to think of all I must do to prepare myself for a new school year and a new job. We all go through those transitions where we must get to know our new clientele, our communities and our colleagues. These tasks are a new and exciting challenge for me and ones I look forward to. However that excitement comes with some anxiety. We all know what the fear of the unknown can do to one’s mental health. Lack of sleep, restlessness, stomach issues along with a whole host of other symptoms often prevent people from making transitions in their lives. Perhaps they feel that dealing with the status quo is easier than dealing with change.

I believe that in some cases, like mine for instance, the very symptoms that prevent us from challenging ourselves are the same feelings and symptoms that can push us forward. Learning to ride a bike or starting at a new school can be simultaneously exciting and anxiety filled. Perhaps focusing on the exciting feelings will help one work through the anxiety and hense the situation. I want that to be a larger part of my role as a guidance counsellor. This year my main focus with such students will be to help them overcome some of these issues by allowing them to live more comfortably with their own feelings and symptoms rather than trying to change I do not mean to suggest that students with diagnosed anxiety can simply get better by turning their negative feelings into positive ones. I am thinking more about those who feel anxious about a particular situation. I think about issues such as getting needles,getting a new teacher or even having to meet new people, without actually having an anxiety disorder. This is the regular anxiety that we all have but that can sometimes impede our day.

I find that the more I prepare for my new job the less nervous I become. I am embracing the feeling of excitement and using it to think of all the positive things coming out of this transition. This focus allows me to keep the nervousness and anxiety under control.

When we focus on the positive aspects, the negative will not have as strong a hold on us. So, as I go through my excitement/nervousness regarding my job change I will take in all the positive feelings and allow them to help push me along in my journey. I hope to be able to do the same for my students.

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