Doctor Prescribes Career Help

Posted by: Mark Franklin on June 18, 2014 8:00 am
Career Buzz guest, a family doctor, talks about meeting a career professional to get help to manage his career in medicine and beyond

“The first step of getting help,” said Dr. Aubie Diamond, (Career Buzz, May 21, 2014) “is admitting it to yourself. If you’re in a [career] situation that’s not tenable, at a certain point in time, a person will begin to ask, ‘If I don’t do something now, five years from now I may not have that opportunity.'”


“You need to seize the moment right now while the opportunity is presenting itself,” Aubie said. “Being able to speak to family and friends is a great start. But there are professionals out there who can help make transitions.” Aubie disclosed that he came to see me, as a career client. Here’s where his career journey led.

What are the clues that apply to you? When you or someone you care about is in an “untenable” career situation, or at a crossroads, Aubie advised to speak to a Career Professional. When I asked what was helpful in our work together, Aubie said it helped to identify “things that were creating stress in my life; what were those things that I did not like to do, or did not want to do. And at the same time figuring out what are those things that give enjoyment and fulfillment. Once we can separate those likes and dislikes it’s much easier to approach them and identify  possibilities,” Aubie said. “You and I did that!”

Try this:  Think of three things that you don’t like to do. Now name three things that you enjoy and fulfill you. Very practically now, list two things you can change, in work and life, that will give you more of your wants and less of your don’t wants.

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Listen to the whole interview also featuring a fascinating interview with Cubed author, Nikil Saval, on the history of the cubicle.

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