Cyberloafing or What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Posted by: Dawn Schell on August 21, 2012 11:57 am

In my part of Canada summer took its own sweet time arriving.  It is here now though and we are grabbing all the sunshine we can.  As the lazy summer days roll by it’s hard to imagine [dare I say it?] September is just around the corner.  

Where does the time go?  I remember way back in June how I set goals for this summer.  I was going to get so much reading done. You too?  Well, there is still time!

Here’s a couple of suggestions for a little light summer reading on the topic of online counselling.

First up, the excellent (if somewhat dated) “Psychology of the Internet” by Patricia Wallace.  She examines the ways in which the online environment can influence the way we behave, which then becomes part of the Internet’s psychological environment for others.  It’s a fascinating read, addressing the ‘disinhibition’ effect.  Her style of writing is quite accessible so it’s great for summer reading.

Go to International Society for Mental Health Online and cruise the News & Events section.  Just this week an article was posted on Web-based programs for behaviour change and self-management. ISMHO also has the draft copy of the American Psychological Association Guidelines for the Practice of Telepsychology.  Now that’s a great beach read [grinning].   

Always an interesting read – the latest issue of Therapeutic Innovations in Light of Technology (TILT) is out.  It’s published quarterly by The Online Therapy Institute/Online Coach Institute in the UK.

Enjoy the rest of summer – whatever you choose to do!

Dawn Schell, MA, CCC, CCDP is an affiliate counsellor with Worldwide Therapy Online Inc.

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    Thanks for sharing! These links have some great info.

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