Clues, Pivoting and Embracing Change

Posted by: Mark Franklin on April 9, 2014 1:00 pm

Clues from Career Buzz guest on following the clues, pivoting, and embracing change

“It was like the field of personal history was waiting to be developed so I could find it,” said personal historian, Stephen Albert (Career Buzz, Feb. 12, 2014). Stephen collects personal stories from his clients, video records them, and provides clients with edited DVDs of their stories. Stephen’s was a beautiful story of the way careers actually happen: he noticed clues, followed them, and then pivoted from other career areas, to welcome the new opportunity of starting Lifetime Memoirs.

Clue 1: “I did graduate work, and I did a lot of interviewing doing research, which played into the work I do now.” Clue 2: Stephen’s son and business partner, Aaron, was a film editor, “and he’s a whiz at doing this stuff.” Clue 3: He’s always had a love of family lore and stories. Then, pivoting, and embracing the clues, Stephen took the inspired action and founded a new company.

What are the clues that apply to you? Do you have a family member, maybe a grandparent, parent, aunt or uncle, who has a story you’d like to record? Consider what Stephen Albert said, when I asked him about timing for getting a loved one’s story. “There’s no such thing as too early. Only too late.” Try this: Next time you hear a friend, colleague or family member complain about their career, try asking them a question using the word, CLUE. For example, “What clues are you noticing that may lead to a new direction?”

Listen to the whole interview with personal historians Eloise Lewis of Lifetales and Stephen Albert ofLifetime Memoirs. Plus, healthy workplaces consultant Sylvia Plester-Silk of On Purpose Consulting.

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