A Little Mindfulness for the Summer

Posted by: Jennifer Morrison on July 20, 2015 8:25 am

Working in public education has many challenges but it has many perks as well. Two months off in the summer is pretty nice after 10 months of action filled days. Many teachers will take time in the summer to take courses or other professional development opportunities. For us it is the best time to devote ourselves to learning. This summer, in between a few books and time with my children, I have decided to do some colouring.

I purchased a mindfulness colouring book for adults. So, when I get the time, I pull out my book and colouring markers, sit in my chair and let my mind shut down the stresses of the day and focus on what is right in front of me. I have to admit it feels great. Sometimes I am lucky and I get 30 minutes to colour and other times I may only get 5 minutes. No matter how long the time is I am still able to be in that moment with my body and my mind. It truly is a calming experience.
Adult colouring books with a mental health focus are a relatively new genre but they have a purpose. Each one is meant to help you feel more mindful, calm and relaxed. I enjoy the silence that comes with concentrating on the intricate patterns of the book. They force you to focus on lines, colours, patterns all in an effort to bring your mind to a place of quiet.  My children have noticed me colouring and one has become so interested that he joins me. We sit and colour together with no sounds, no noise, no talk, just us together in the silence. It really is rather beautiful and as it teaches me how to let go and relax it also helps to teach him the same; along with strengthening his skills in focus, hand eye coordination and attention to detail.

So if you are looking for something to challenge yourself or even your students, I suggest you give one of these books a try. I do not support any one illustrator or publishing company so finding the book you want will come with a little research of your own but most bookstores have a variety of choices.  Enjoy!

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