Board of Directors


"The CCPA Board of Directors is comprised of the President, the President Elect, the Past President and representatives for each province/territory."

Please refer to item 3.2 of the CCPA By-Laws for more details.


We are currently accepting nominations for positions on our Board of Directors! Click here for more information on Board nominations.

Position Incumbent
Board Executive Members
President Blythe Shepard  
President-Elect Natasha Caverley
Past President Lorna Martin
Treasurer Miriam Duff
Secretary Staff
Chief Executive Officer Barbara MacCallum
Provincial Directors
British Columbia and Yukon Ashley Phillips
Alberta and Northwest Territories Sara Holland
Saskatchewan Gisèle Lalonde
Manitoba and Nunavut Miriam Duff
Ontario Anglophones Trish Loraine McCracken
Ontario Francophones Vacant
Québec Francophones Michel Turcotte
Québec Anglophones Kiraz Johannsen
New Brunswick Anglophones Kimberly Landine
New Brunswick Francophones Serge Hall
Nova Scotia Beth Robinson
Prince Edward Island Margaret Cain
Newfoundland and Labrador Tracy Duffy
Indigenous Director Bill Thomas
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