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The following resources may be helpful to you, your clients and your practice.

Addiction in Canada

Click here for more information on addiction in Canada and to learn more about the different challenges and resources. You will find free online information about the different aspects of drug and alcohol addiction.

Talking Can Help - A Website for Clients

The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association announced the launch of a new public website “Talking Can Help” during Mental Health Awareness Week 2012.


This website is specifically for individuals seeking information and support about the profession of counselling and psychotherapy. The website raises public awareness of the role of the profession in mental health and wellness and supports informed decision-making when choosing a mental health practitioner.

The public can find information on reasons for seeking counselling, types of therapies and even tips on finding the right therapist for them. This website demystifies therapy and clears many misconceptions that might be keeping some individuals who are considering counselling from going ahead with it. This is a safe and anonymous way for people to seek answers to their questions and gain access to the help they need.

If you wish to receive flyers and/ or business cards from this new website to post in your workplace, please email [email protected] with your request.

Visit the public website!

Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI)

The Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute provides resources and training in the areas of mental health, trauma, addictions, and more. We have a variety of open enrollment workshops happening across Canada in 2020, as well as a multitude of free resources, including webinars, resource manuals, video training, and posters/handouts.

For more information, click here.

Substance Abuse in Veterans: A Guide for 2020

Click here for more information and resources regarding substance abuse for veterans.

Dental Care Resources for Veterans

Click here for information about covering dental care eligibility, available dental care programs and clinic locations, plus other useful resources.

Registration Now Open! 18th Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference

CLICK HERE for more information.

Association of Collaborative Family Law Professionals of Nova Scotia

The Collaborative practice includes mental health, finance and family law professionals working towards the same goal.

Our training workshop is a professional development opportunity for mediation and collaborative training. See the flyer here.

Our website is: http://www.collaborativefamilylawyers.ca/training-for-professionals/

The WORK & Abilities Community - For Professionals Working Around Employment

WORK & Abilities is a publicly funded initiative aiming to offer tools to facilitate the work integration, business start-up or training of clients who need added means to face professional challenges caused by their physical, mental or intellectual state:

• attention deficit disorder,
• learning disability,
• mental health problem,
• chronic health condition,
• permanent side effect,
• autism spectrum disorder,
• physical, intellectual or other disabilities.

Through WORK & Abilities, you can benefit from targeted tools like assistance and financial support. You have FREE ACCESS to

• information about financial assistance possibilities for their clients;
• assistance for their clients’ needs assessment;
• assistance for action plans development;
• assistance throughout the application process;
• project coordination, as an example for group integration projects that include adapted training with internships in the workplace

Click here for more information.

Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health (JMVFH)

The aim of this new open-access journal is to maximize the health and social wellbeing of military personnel, Veterans, and their families by disseminating world-class research to a broad international and multidisciplinary readership of researchers, practitioners, administrators, and policy makers. The cutting edge nature of research published in JMVFH enables clinicians working to address particular challenges, establish best practices and share preliminary results from new therapies that will lead to the next great breakthroughs.

The Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health provides a forum for critical evidence-based research, infographics, testimonials and narratives in the areas of:

  • mental and physical health and rehabilitation
  • social health and well-being
  • the transition from military to civilian life
  • family health and well-being
  • evolving treatment practices or programs
  • occupational and environmental health
  • novel health technologies related to military service
  • transitions back to family life after deployment
  • health care or health-related policies and programs
  • military history related to health and well-being
  • the arts and military or Veteran health and well-being
  • gender-based research related to any of the above

Access it here: http://bit.ly/jmvfh.

Heads Up Guys - A Men's Depression Website Funded by UBC and Movember

For men. About men. Health strategies for managing and preventing depression.

A website dedicated to supporting men battling depression, as well as their friends and families.



DrugRehab.com - An Informational Resource for Those who are Affected by Alcohol and Drug Dependence

DrugRehab.com is an informational resource for those who are affected by alcohol and drug dependence.

This website provides extensive information on a multitude of addictions as well as various types of recovery options.

Visit https://www.drugrehab.com/.

Canadian Virtual Hospice launches MonDeuil.ca and vivreAfond.ca

Canadian Virtual Hospice launches vivreAfond.ca – New, free digital health tool to support young adult Francophones living with advanced illness

“My friends don’t want to talk about the fact that I’m scared that I’m going to die, they don’t want to hear about it, it’s not going to happen but it is going to happen and I want to talk about it.” – Jayda Kelsall

vivreAfond.ca was developed by young adults living with advanced illness to shatter the silence and inform, educate and support other young people with life-limiting diagnoses, their family and their friends. It is also a resource for healthcare providers to improve their capacity to understand the unique needs of young adults with advanced illness and deliver quality care. On vivreAfond.ca, 14 young adults living with advanced illness share deeply personal stories to help other young people. Their stories deal with the following topics pursuing education and careers, navigating impacts on sexuality and fertility, managing relationships, decisions about their care or treatments, dealing with symptoms and, confronting end of life. Leading health experts from Canada and the U.S. have also contributed content to the site.

vivreAfond.ca was developed in collaboration with Young Adult Cancer Canada, Hope & Cope and Team Shan Breast Cancer Awareness for Young Women. Funding for vivreAfond.ca was provided by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and the Thomas Sill Foundation.

vivreAfond.ca is also available in English at LivingOutLoud.Life.

For more information: [email protected]

Canadian Virtual Hospice launches MonDeuil.ca

MonDeuil.ca is an online support tool for Francophones who are grieving or supporting someone who is grieving. It is a free online resource to help people work through their grief from the comfort of their own home, at their own pace. It was developed by family members who’ve “been there,” and grief experts to complement existing community resources and help address the lack of grief services particularly in rural and remote areas. It is also an education tool for healthcare providers.

MonDeuil.ca covers a variety of topics including: grief that is experienced before a death; recognizing how grief affects you; managing intense emotions and difficult situations; navigating family dynamics; and creating a life without the person who died. MonDeuil.ca features videos by grief experts providing guidance and by people who’ve experienced grief and who share their stories of healing and hope. It was developed in collaboration with McGill University Palliative Care; Hope & Cope; the Nurses Association of New Brunswick; Winnipeg Regional Health Authority; Centre Renaissance Centre inc. and Health PEI. Funding for MonDeuil.ca was provided by Health Canada.

MonDeuil.ca is also available in English at MyGrief.ca.

For more information: [email protected]

A PTSD Self-Test for Veterans

Our Veterans often suffer silently with PTSD.

More veterans are becoming aware of their PTSD, and we have created this self-assessment to help them through the healing process.

You can find the tool at: https://safeharborhouse.com/resources/ptsd-self-test/