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What are the Effects of Verbal Abuse on Children?

Posted by: Asa Don Brown on August 16, 2011 8:36 am

What are the effects of verbal abuse on children? How am I defining verbal abuse? Verbal abuse is any aggressive behavior that occurs through human communication. Such behaviors include: belittling, swearing, name-calling, negatively criticizing, threatening, ordering, and the undermining of a person’s integrity.  The intent of verbal abuse is often to prove rude, offensive, disparaging, defamatory, slanderous, and scornful.  It’s overall intent is often to degrade the soul and mind of the individual to such a degree that they are without an ability to retaliate. 

As a therapist, I have heard all types of excuses why verbal abuse is acceptable. Parents have tried blaming their child’s behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions as being the catalyst of their own negative behavior. It is not uncommon to witness a parent deflect, but it is rare to hear a defensive parent accept responsibility.  Moreover, we all know that many parental behaviors are learned behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions.  Parents have learned from watching and witnessing their own parents, teachers, and others who played a significant roles in their life. 

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