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A Brief Introduction to the Check, Connect and Expect Program

Posted by: Lori Walls on October 13, 2011 12:09 pm

The Check, Connect, Expect program (CCE) is a tier 2 intervention model within the school-wide positive behaviour support model (SWPBS) of intervention. The SWPBS was established to support students and staff in efforts to decrease problem behaviours by providing interventions intended to increase positive social behaviours within the school. The CCE program is in keeping with the goals of the response to intervention pyramid and aims to target problem behaviours in a proactive and responsive manner in order to reduce the need for further academic or external supports. Over the course of a two year study, 18 school sites with diverse student populations were studied. Results indicated that 84% of students in the program (n=338) did not go on to require tier 3 intervention services. The program was therefore shown to be a cost-effective and successful means of ameliorating student behavioural difficulties while increasing positive daily interactions in the classroom.

One of the goals of tier 2 interventions is to identify students at risk of school failure due to behavioural difficulties as early as possible. To accomplish this, teachers were asked to identify at risk students and to complete a behaviour rating scale. Student scores were then compared with a national normative sample and those meeting the specified criteria were eligible for the program. Paraprofessionals were hired as student coaches and underwent a two day training course on how to implement the program. Program coaches were then supplied access to consulting services with a behavioural specialist, typically a school psychologist, in order to discuss any difficulties that might arise.

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