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Posted by: Asa Don Brown on February 17, 2012 1:14 pm

As parents, we are often reminded that our children are direct reflections of our own lives.  Whether we have a singular fear or set of fears, the likelihood of our children adapting such fears into their own lives is greatly increased.  Moreover, if we have a successful habit, the likelihood our children will employ this habitual act into their own lives increases as well.  Children thrive upon our dos and don’ts of life.  They consciously and unconsciously inherit a vast array of our mannerisms, habits, phobias, traits, and personalities.  Children are sponges soaking up the very essence of our lives. 

As a therapist, I have worked with many parents who felt disrespected by their children.  Sadly, it is not rare for the same parental figures to be struggling with respect within their marital relationship. When parents indicate that their children are “being disrespectful,” or that they are “showing little respect;” I begin by asking the parents to define the meaning of respect.  Why? Everyone has an unique definition of respect, but not all respect is equivalent in its meaning.

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