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Replenishing My Depleted Cells

Posted by: Priya Senroy on November 6, 2014 4:01 pm

Hello fellow counsellors.

This month has been taxing on many levels. The attacks on our soldiers, being bombarded by elections materials and trying to keep Halloween alive in my parent council have made me feel tired and lethargic and all drained.

This is also when I attended a workshop on Sensorimotor Art Therapy and that has brought some energy back into my depleted cells- It has energised me physically, emotionally, spiritually and I feel I am ready to tackle Christmas!!!!

So SAT (Sensorimotor Art Therapy) centralises the wisdom of the body in therapy. Building on mainstream theoretical approaches within psychotherapy and mental health and integrating art mediums of paints, pastels, crayons and clay allows access, expression and healing bringing deeper experiences of a sense of self. Guided drawing is one of the approaches of sensorimotor art therapy. I find that while I am free spirited doodler, the guided art is helping to reclaim my boundaries, give me security and make peace with some of the body memories that have been churned by different events in the last months. I feel that exploring art through all the senses helps to remember its (the body) needs, its instinct to survive and to heal” (Elbrecht & Antcliff, 2013).

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