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Recharging My Creative Firework

Posted by: Priya Senroy on October 9, 2012 1:55 pm

As a creative arts therapist and a mother of two toddlers, I am always looking for inspiration and ideas not only for personal growth or as a parent, but also inject some fresh ideas into my work. As a constant endeavor in this thirst for freshness, I visit the art space, exhibitions, websites and even flea markets because you never know where creativity is lurking…..So during my visit to New York one  summer, I came across a café which literally blew up my creative fireworks and I can still feel its effects.  This brilliant idea of mixing food and art and craft and creativity where children were allowed to unleash not only their apple juice but their creative juices was inspiring for me as a parent who is constantly trying not to let society stifle their creativity. It was called the Moomah Creative Arts Café. When I revisited this year to recharge my fireworks I found that it had closed down (much too my dismay and I think I was truly heartbroken) BUT I found that it had reopened at another part of the city in  a new avatar and also resurfaced on the web as a “do it”  journal. Yes, I am sad that the birth place of my creative firework no longer exits but I have not given up feeling like all the vibrant colors, the sparkles and the inspiration that I am getting from the website and I use it not only with my children or my clients but also to keep my inner child alive which I think is so important as a creative arts therapist.  I know there are similar cafés around, but for some reason I do not feel any fireworks happening when I visit them; it’s not the same feeling as moomah….So here is the website http://www.moomah.com/

So if you decide to visit the Big Apple any time, please try to visit moomah and I hope that you get as inspired  and recharged as I was and still am!

Priya Senroy , MA CCC

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