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Conversations Concerning Sex and Sexuality

Posted by: Asa Don Brown on November 28, 2012 2:56 pm

The mind of a child is a precious thing.  Parents frequently struggle with knowing when, why, and how to discuss sex and sexuality with their child.  Parents may have a wide range of questions themselves pertaining to the timing, the nature, and appropriateness of such conversations.    

  • When is it appropriate to discuss sex and sexuality with a child? 
  • Should a parent inform a child of sexual acts?  Or, should a child learn about sexual relationship on his / her own? 
  • How old should a child be when he / she learn of sexual relationships?
  • Is it ever appropriate to discuss sex with your child? 
  • Should the mother or father discuss the sex and sexuality with their child? Or both?
  • When is it not appropriate to converse about sex and sexuality?
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