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The Importance of Incorporating a Holistic Approach Into Your Practice

Posted by: Andrea Cashman on July 21, 2015 12:44 pm

healthI’ve always gravitated to looking at someone in their whole form so when I heard that I could utilize this to market and found my practice on this approach, I decided that that was what I wanted to do. The business name I chose was Holisitic Counselling Services and I chose this in part to reflect my values and to let clients know that I am open to viewing them as a whole person and practice in this manner.

The word holistic comes from the word “whole” and examines a person (or client) in terms of their mind body associations that also tie into their emotional and spiritual well-being. Mental Health, or health in general, depends on all these factors working together in the environment. The environment around the person can alter these factors. Your role as a psychotherapist is to not only focus on the client’s presenting problem but to see the client as a whole person and determine how the problem is affecting all aspect’s of their day to day life as well as what other positive or negative influences promote or diminish their well-being or mental health. No client wants you to focus on their issue exclusively. They also want to be seen as a person and validated as such.

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