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Setting Goals

Posted by: Curtis Stevens on April 19, 2011 10:27 am

So, as discovered in the last blog, I want to write a book about counselling psychology.  I have made the goal specific and measureable.  I will know I’m done my goal when I have a finished book in my hand; complete with chapters, paper, binding, and a whimsical but wise looking picture of myself on the inlet, perhaps standing in front of a warm fire, or at the top of a mountain looking regal and…. Oh, but I digress.  I decided that I can reach this goal and that the first step in doing so was to enter my name along with the list of others involved with this blog.  I will have to force myself to keep writing and meet the schedule for submitting my entries.  It will teach me the discipline I will need to write the book.  The articles I write may even be edited so that they fit into chapters.  Once that becomes a habit – I heard somewhere that it takes 21 days of consistent execution of an activity to make it a habit.  Perhaps after 21 entries, this writing will be habit forming.  Let’s see… that is 21 submissions, 1 submission every two weeks.  That is 42 weeks of blogging to complete my first task.  The next task will be to compile these articles and look for common threads, a logical flow of ideas which will become an outline for a book.  That’s the next step, to come up with an outline.  I might even be able to do that while I’m doing the 42 weeks of blogging.  My goal, then, may look something like this:

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