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Work-Life Narratives: developing your career identify through your stories, and the value of career conversations

Posted by: Mark Franklin on July 12, 2012 1:17 pm

Career Buzz radio recently explored the value of career conversations. Professor Frans Meijers is a top researcher in the area of career guidance in the Netherlands. He shared with listeners all that’s wrong about career conversations with youth in school, and how to right it. But why doesn’t the education system work to help youth with this important task? “It doesn’t work because you only can build your [career] identity, you can only develop your heart on the basis of real life experience and schools don’t offer real life experiences.” This episode is really worth a listen.

CareerCycles Tip: Want to help your teenager or young adult develop their career? Professor Frans Meijers says: help them engage in experiences then talk to them about it. Find out how to implement Prof Meijers’ simple formula: Listen to the whole interview Listen to our inspiring past shows
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