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Effective Parenting

Posted by: Asa Don Brown on November 6, 2013 9:42 am

Entering parenthood is liken an Indiana Jones Movie.  You have many uncertainties, insecurities, angst and a general uneasiness about the whole adventure.   Not unlike an Indiana Jones movie, you are always inadequately prepared for the 2 a.m. squelch that ignites into a thundering roar of screaming.  Whether you are speaking of a newborn baby or a teenager, each stage of childhood is a personal learning curve for each parent.

Moreover, no two children are identically alike, thus being educated by one child is only the beginning of your parental pursuit.  From the moment that the child is comfortably placed into your arms, you are operating without a how-to manual.  While many experts can spew their literary, philosophical, academic, and ideological perspectives; children have very few absolutes.   You may be asking yourself, so what are these absolutes?  It is absolutely essential that all children are placed into a loving, compassionate, empathetic, nurturing, caring, and forgiving environment.  Children should never be intentionally exposed to harm of any sort; whether it is forcible or not, the home must be a place of safety and care.   It is absolutely essential that all parents recognize that they are not alone in their parental training.

“No one comes into this world knowing how to be a good parent. The challenges and experiences of our lives directly affect the environment we create for our own children. We know now that crime, divorce, scores of diseases, obesity and poor academic performance are directly linked to adverse childhood experiences, such as child abuse and neglect.” (Learntoparent.org,2013, Online)

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