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Happy February!!!

Posted by: Priya Senroy on March 11, 2015 2:05 pm

Canada has been frigid, its cities and towns had to be dug out couple of times and no one cares what the ground hog thinks!!!!! Nothing seems to warm the cockles of the heart- except perhaps the love and the despairs which might have poured in and around Valentine ’s Day. I seem to see an upsurge of clients reaching out to remember their broken hearts than to celebrate them. I am nota bird-638112_640grief therapist but have enough life experience to be able to share the broken heart dialogue and like many of my client ,from time to time  also have delved into some deep soul searching reflections as they dig up lost loves and bury them at the same time. Like any other physical ailment which might require a specialist, when one faces loss of any complexity from minor to profound, one needs a skilled counsellor to help navigate the way through, and eventually out of, the deep abyss that is left in the path of most critical of all wounds….that of a broken heart. I read somewhere that the application of Creative Arts Therapy is as broad as is human suffering. The creative gift is a healing gift – a natural and gentle way of restoring broken hearts. Our confidence in this medium is based on its universality and creativity.. The arts form an essential element of our experience. People all over the world tell stories, dance and act, sing and draw. This medium combines the innate capacity for creative expression with a variety of psychological theoretical models from around the world. So true and as I continue to use this medium to self heal and self counsel, I find its reach having profound effects on my clients, so yes the heart is broken but from the fire rises the phoenix and from the broken heart , the despair and the pain rises the transformation and the choice to change things for good.

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