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The Red Cross is the one consistent, familiar point of recognition for many refugees along their journey. During the upcoming operation aimed at helping Syrian refugees upon their arrival, we will work closely  with government partners and community resettlement agencies to identify where Canadian Red Cross services may be required as they transition to their new communities. These services may include safety and support, case management for Canadian Red Cross programming and Restoring Family Links services to help refugees connect with their loved ones.

We are able to support refugee arrivals through a network of trained volunteers across the country. The Red Cross is currently looking for volunteers to work in collaboration with other responders to provide Safety & Support services in a safe environment to beneficiaries within the mandate of the Canadian Red Cross. We are looking for volunteers to help support this operation as well as future relief operations in Canada.  Interested applicants may apply online at www.redcross.ca/volunteer and explore opportunities that match their interests.


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Psychosocial Support Supervisor: