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During National indigenous History Month and beyond, the CCPA encourages reflection on the steps we can all take to support systemic change. We reflect on the narrative that often highlights the resilience of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples across Canada. While resilience has been a term frequently used to describe Indigenous peoples and communities, it is essential to recognize that true progress requires systemic changes to eliminate the need for such resilience. We shift our focus from celebrating resilience to advocating for the rights, supports, and systemic transformations that empower Indigenous peoples to thrive without the burden of overcoming systemic vulnerabilities. We urge Canadians to engage in conversations and actions that contribute to dismantling the barriers and injustices that Indigenous peoples face.

In celebration of National Indigenous History Month and National Indigenous Peoples Day, the CCPA has hosted and will continue to participate in a range of activities designed to honor and support Indigenous communities. These events include the professional development activities listed below and the creation of an Indigenous Learning portal that will be accessible by all members. Through this new portal, we aim to raise awareness, foster understanding, and promote the well-being of Indigenous peoples across Canada 

Keep updated on our Indigenous History Month events and continuous professional development opportunities that will be offered throughout the summer via the Indigenous learning portal leading up to National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Register to the following events this month. We look forward to continuing on our learning journey with you.

Come back soon to access the Indigenous learning portal currently in development!