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Professional Liability Insurance is offered by BMS

Effective February 2017, BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd. (BMS Group) is the official broker for the CCPA Member Insurance Program. In making the change to BMS, CCPA is happy to announce that certified members have access to higher limits and enhanced coverage at no additional cost.

To purchase coverage online click here or complete the hard-copy application form.

For more information, read the brochure, contact a BMS broker today at 1-844-506-3981 or [email protected], or visit our website at www.ccpa.bmsgroup.com.


The CCPA Insurance Program is available only to Canadian Certified Counsellors or student members of CCPA, enrolled in a recognized masters’ counselling program and acting under the supervision of a qualified counsellor, appointed by the College or the University. Applicants must reside in Canada to be eligible for this coverage. Policyholders must remain in good standing with CCPA in order to maintain and renew coverage.

For more information regarding CRPO insurance requirements, click here.

Discover The Personal

Your Personal Connection to savings up to 30%* on your home and auto insurance

Why do our customers rate The Personal a leader in client experience? It’s simple: best-in-class service, quick hassle-free claims processing and exclusive group rates.

Our goal is to deliver an exceptional customer experience that is fast, flexible and easy with features like:

  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Lock in your group rates for up to 364 days in advance
  • Call from the scene

Your personal connection to exclusive group rates + savings:

  • Security System Savings: Save up to 15% 1
  • Claims-Free Savings: Save up to 20% 2
  • Multi-Line Discount: Save even more when you bundle your home and auto insurance with us!
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount: Insure more than one vehicle and save up to 15% on each vehicle’s premium 3

Your personal connection to savings, flexible options, plus a time-tested commitment to your satisfaction.

Service worth switching for.

« Quick answers and solutions. A positive 37-year history with The Personal. » – Michel P., Ontario

Get a quote today and save!



CLICK HERE for the latest news!

The Personal refers to The Personal Insurance Company. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply. Savings and discounts are subject to eligibility conditions and may vary by jurisdiction. Rates and discounts are subject to change without notice. The terms and conditions of the coverages described are set out in the insurance policy, which always prevails. Auto insurance is not available in MB, SK and BC due to government-run plans. Client comments were obtained from and approved by our clients, and may have been translated.
* Savings amounts are not guaranteed and will vary depending upon your underwriting information.
† Rates are guaranteed for up to 364 days and are provided only where there are no changes to your underwriting information from the time of the quote to the effective date of the policy.
1 You could save up to 15% if your home has a monitored fire alarm, burglar alarm and automatic sprinkler system.
2 No claims submitted.
3 Up to 15% in NB, ON, NT, YT, NU and AB; up to 10% in NS, PE and NL.

New Travel Health and Accident Insurance For CCPA Members

CCPA has partnered with ATI Insurance Brokers to provide you with a Comprehensive Travel Health and Accident Insurance Plan. This coverage is available to you at a substantially discounted price.

  • This is an annual plan. Coverage is for a full 12 months from date of purchase.
  • $2 million emergency hospital and medical benefit
  • Multiple trips, up to 60 days per trip
  • Coverage is available to Members and their Employees up to age 69.
  • This is a Family Plan. The insurance covers spouses up to age 69 and all eligible dependent children.
  • No pre-existing health condition clause for individuals under age 65
  • Emergency Dental Treatment
  • Evacuation Benefit
  • No deductibles
  • No medical questionnaire
  • Guaranteed issue

CCPA has negotiated a special price of only $129.99 per year.

More information can be found on the ATI website.


Life Insurance for CCPA Members

HELP PROTECT THE ONES YOU LOVE With Term Life Insurance at Low Group Rates.

It’s Easy
– 7 simple health questions
– Can be approved instantly online
– No medical normally needed to enroll

Life is constantly changing and so are your insurance needs. Whether you are considering life insurance for the first time or topping up coverage, get low group rates through your Association Membership and Canada LifeT M.

You can apply online today for up to $250,000 in tax-free coverage.

– Your spouse gets the same low rates
– Coverage cannot be cancelled due to health changes
– Up to $50,000 in Living Benefits for terminal illness

Click here for more information.

Morneau Shepell

Health, Dental & Life Coverage is offered by Morneau Shepell

CCPA members receive discounts on health, dental and life coverage through Morneau Shepell. Please contact Morneau Shepell at 1-866-432-8427 for a quote or for more information. Please be sure to identify yourself as a CCPA member!