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In November 2014, CCPA National Indigenous Director Bill Thomas brought forward the concept of Indigenous pathways for Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to the 2013—2015 Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) Board of Directors. An ad hoc committee was then struck to examine the possibility of developing criteria for granting CECs to Indigenous teaching and healing practices. Learning activities of this nature are not currently among the “events” typically acknowledged as professional development activities by CCPA. The Indigenous CEC Initiative supports the development of an Indigenous-based continuing education evaluation process for CCPA members.

Indigenous CECs are intended to encourage, recognize and award CECs to CCPA members who are currently working or planning to work with Indigenous communities – as such, Indigenous CECs are open to Indigenous and non-Indigenous practitioners who completed a recognized Indigenous learning event. Indigenous CEC events are not to duplicate existing CEC events rather these learning activities are directly associated with traditional teachings, healing ceremonies and cultural support that assists CCPA members in providing culturally safe, appropriate and effective services to Indigenous (First Nations, Métis and/or Inuit) clients, families and communities with mental health and wellness issues.

Indigenous CECs will be part of the variety of learning activities and professional contributions that well-rounded counsellors/psychotherapists can record for their continuing education.

Disclaimer for members who also belong to a regulatory college: CCPA cannot guarantee that Indigenous continuing education credits granted by the CCPA Indigenous CEC Review Panel will be eligible for credit with regulatory colleges.



In recognition of this new Initiative, additional support is needed by CCPA to evaluate Indigenous-based CEC applications. Therefore, a new Indigenous CEC Review Panel is an effective practice to aid in the Indigenous CEC evaluations.


Logistics and Resources

The inaugural Indigenous CEC Review Panel will be comprised of between five to seven members (includes the appointment of a Chair). The appointment of the Chair will occur after the Indigenous CEC Review Panel members have been selected. Also, the Review Panel will have access to an Indigenous CEC webinar, access to CCPA WorkSpaces (a password protected digital platform and file library) and CCPA teleconference call resources to support their timely review of Indigenous CECs.


Indigenous Continuing Education Credits (CEC) Review Panel

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