We’re Going Virtual!

May 13 – 15, 2021


Our conference aims to:

  • Develop the field of counselling in Canada
  • Facilitate the professional development of people working in the field
  • Promote the exchange of theories and research in counselling
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas and information among delegates, as well as between delegates and the CCPA Board of Directors

Over 70 different titles are used by professionals who provide counselling and psychotherapy across the country. We provide an opportunity for them to participate in an event that is tailored to their needs and gathers an otherwise diverse & dispersed group of people together once a year.

This event will feature live & recorded sessions being presented throughout the month of May, with a full schedule from the 13th to the 15th. We hope you will join us for our jam-packed PD event!

A theme revolving around caring for each other and clients amid a pandemic but welcoming proposals in all areas related to mental health.

Our online platform and app will help attendees network just as much as they would at our in-person events

Anybody with a reliable internet connection can join us!

Registration is Open! Scroll down for more information

Keynotes to be announced soon!

Meet Other Counsellors & Psychotherapists Who:

Attendees typically work in:

Employment and Career Development

Education (School Counsellors & Counsellor Educators)

Employment Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Public Service Agencies & Government (Federal, Provincial & Municipal)

Hospitals & Clinics

Multidisciplinary Teams

Private Practice

Conference Fees & Registration

Find out what our rates are this year and register

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Pre-Conference Schedule

Our Call for Proposals for the Conference is Still Open and Keynotes to be Announced but our Pre-Conference Schedule is up!

See our schedule for May 13

2020 Conference Fee Refunds

Due to COVID-19, CCPA cancelled the 2020 Conference. If you had registered and want to get a refund, please contact Sadaf at [email protected] to get reimbursed.

Contact Accounting

I want to sponsor/exhibit

Our event website and app will feature different ways to highlight exhibitors and sponsors. We’re still figuring out options & pricing. Let us know if you want to receive our package when it’s ready!

Keep me in mind!

Questions? Contact us!

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