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From Members to Members /
De nos membres à d’autres membres

Many members have been sending in useful resources they would like to share with others. This page features those resources as a way to encourage information-sharing and foster a sense of community.

Nous avons reçus beaucoup d’information de membres qui veulent partager des ressources qu’ils ont trouvé utiles avec d’autres membres. Vous trouverez une liste des ses ressources ci-dessous pour encourager le partage d’information et promouvoir un sens de communauté.

The resources listed on this page do not imply endorsement by CCPA and CCPA is not responsible for any claim(s) found in those resources. / Les ressources affichés sur cette page n’impliquent pas nécessairement la sanction de l’ACCP et l’ACCP n’est pas responsable des affirmations et déclarations qui s’y retrouvent.
Online Trainings / Formations en ligne

Mental Health Commission of Canada - Crisis Response Trainings

The Mental Health Commission of Canada has developed two free crisis response training programs for essential workers. We know that throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, essential workers are facing a number of new challenges while at work, which may be affecting their mental health. These programs are specifically designed to help provide individuals with the tools and knowledge to better understand their own mental health and the mental health of their team.


Addressing Psychological Trauma Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Can Technology Help in a Time of Acute Crisis?


University of Toronto Online Courses Including: Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Online Courses currently being offered by the University of Toronto: https://www.coursera.org/utoronto.

Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Never in the history of humanity have so many people been feeling intense anxiety related to COVID-19 and the world it will leave in its wake. The intent of this course is to give you a deeper understanding of the anxiety reaction as it relates to various aspects of our current life, ranging from our consumption of news to the way we talk to our children about this. I will also give you clear strategies for managing and, in fact, turning off the anxiety response at least for short periods. My sincere hope is that you will leave this course with a better understanding of how your brain reacts to crises, along with some powerful tools for managing it before it manages you.

Learn more

Free Online Support Groups During COVID-19

This is a zoom webinar/conversation on how to lead online support groups during the COVID-19 pandemic from experienced trauma therapists.

Find out more here.

COVID-19 Prevention for Regulated Healthcare Providers

COVID-19 prevention standards for regulated healthcare providers. This course is designed for medical practitioners, including doctors, nurses, chiropractors, massage therapists, psychologists, and those who work closely with patients.


Tele-Health / télépratique

How to Prepare for an Online Counseling Session

“How to Prepare for an Online Counseling Session” shares tips from experts on what to expect from your first virtual therapy session, as well as resources to help individuals find an online counselor. You can find the full resource HERE.



Medical Care, Anytime, Anywhere

Adracare’s easy to use and security compliant virtual app connects patients, practitioners across Canada.  Watch our video for a taste of our features, or sign up today and try them yourself.

CCPA members will receive 20% off a Premium Account with first 3 months free*

Sign up directly on Adracare website and use the referral code CCPA1 to claim the 20% discount.

Click here for more information or visit one of the below links:

Sign up today and start your sessions with Adracare!

*Terms and conditions apply. More information available on the sign-up page or contact [email protected].

Soins médicaux, n’importe quand, n’importe où

L’application virtuelle facile à utiliser et conforme à la sécurité d’Adracare relie les patients et les praticiens à travers le Canada. Regardez notre vidéo pour avoir un aperçu de nos fonctionnalités, ou inscrivez-vous aujourd’hui et essayez-les vous-même.

Les membres de l’ACCP recevront 20% de rabais sur un compte Premium avec les 3 premiers mois gratuits *

Inscrivez-vous directement sur le site d’Adracare et utilisez le code de parrainage CCPA1 pour bénéficier de la réduction de 20%.

Cliquez ici pour plus d’information ou visitez l’un des liens ci-dessous:

Visite virtuelle de la plateforme de soins virtuels Adracare

Vidéos de formation Adracare

Webinaire de formation Adracare

Inscrivez-vous aujourd’hui et commencez vos sessions avec Adracare!

*Termes et conditions d’application. Plus d’informations disponibles sur la page d’inscription ou contactez [email protected].

Comparing the Latest Telehealth Solutions

In this installment of “Let’s Get Technical,” a panel of experts reviews three telehealth platforms: Doxy.me, thera-LINK and Zoom. Click here to access it.

Quelle plateforme utiliser pour ma télépratique?

De Asadis:

“Ce guide vise à fournir à chaque psychologue clinicien les informations nécessaires à la mise en place d’une télépratique sécuritaire et éclairée, conforme avec les lois et règlements en vigueur. Vous trouverez ci-après les différentes étapes d’une bonne sécurisation virtuelle. Il importe de noter que ce texte ne constitue aucunement un avis juridique.”

Visiter la page web.

Jane App

Jane App :

Jane allows you to book online, treat online and take payment online all in one software. We are a support centred Canadian business with a friendly team here to help you get you and your practice up and running with Jane. In response to COVID-19, we launched a secure, HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant telehealth feature, which is free with Jane for the duration of the covid response period.

Learn more about how Mental Health practitioners all across Canada are working with Jane.

The other way in which we’re looking to support Canadians is through our bursary program. If you are volunteering your services to support vulnerable or at risk populations, we want to volunteer Jane to help you! We have a bursary program which offers you a free or discounted Jane account dependant on how you’ve structured your practice. Click the link below to tell us more of your story and to apply for the bursary.

Bursary Application

On Call Health


Be a leader in healthcare with OnCall Health – a secure virtual care platform that lets mental health professionals conduct online video and instant messaging sessions, and automate administrative tasks.

Virtual care helps:

  • Reduce no shows
  • Save time everyday
  • Grow practice revenue

CCPA members will receive a 20% discount on OnCall licenses. Click here to learn more about OnCall Health and take advantage of the CCPA exclusive discount today!

VirtualCare - Telemedicine Platform with Free Trial for CCPA Members

Leading Telemedicine Platform with Free Trial for CCPA Members

VirtualCare allows allied health professionals to replace in-person appointments with safe virtual visits. You can continue to see clients remotely without sacrificing quality of care.

Here’s how VirtualCare can assist your counselling and therapy practice:

  • Private & Secure: PIPEDA-compliant audio or video conferencing and asynchronous chat messaging protected by end-to-end encryption.
  • Document Sharing: Send and receive documents such as therapeutic resources and forms within the platform.
  • Easily Accessible: Simple for you and your clients to start using via a web browser or dedicated smartphone app.
  • Quick Onboarding: Onboard your office and clients within 24 hours, guaranteed. Our support team is on call to ensure you start providing virtual visits smoothly.

VirtualCare is available for CCPA members to try free for two months. Sign up today and easily transition to virtual visits.

More information

Tools to Help Your Clients / Des outils pour aider vos clients

Wellness Together Canada

Version française – Cliquez ici

Wellness Together Canada is a mental health and substance use website to support people across Canada and Canadians living abroad in both official languages. We provide the following resources for you at no cost:

  • Immediate text support
  • Information and videos on common mental health issues
  • Mental wellness programs you can do on your own and with coaching
  • Monitored communities of support
  • Individual phone, video, and text counselling

This online service was launched in response to growing mental health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wellness Together Canada is a Health Canada funded project that is a partnership among Stepped Care Solutions, Kids Help Phone and Homewood Health – three of Canada’s leading and most innovative mental health organizations.

Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute - Free COVID-19 Resources

Free COVID-19 Resources

Supporting Clients Who Experience Anxiety About COVID-19 - Free CJCP Article

In this composite case study, a client sought counselling to manage her anxiety about COVID-19. Theoretical approaches used included psychoeducation, narrative therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy. These therapeutic methods helped the client experience a reduction in anxious thoughts and emotions concerning COVID-19.

Read the article

Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health Resources


CRPO - A note to psychotherapy clients about COVID-19

A note to psychotherapy clients about COVID-19

The Crisis Kit: 5 Tools for Helping Clients Through Turbulent Times

“We have created a brand new resource, “The Crisis Kit: 5 Tools For Helping Clients Through Turbulent Times”, containing five of the most relevant, science-based tools to help you help others navigate turbulence and uncertainty.”

More information.

Free Video Series for Children in light of COVID-19

Live Calm Kids (Online Version)
– Appropriate for ages 6-10
– Each video is about 20-25 minutes long
– Each video covers a new topic related to emotions and regulation
– A new video will be posted each week

Access them here.

Impacts of COVID-19 on Substance Use

The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction is the go-to place in Canada for trusted information on COVID-19 and substance use. They have put together a suite of resources from websites and organizations from around the world, as well publications from their own experts.


Mental Health Academy Newsletter - Academy Times

Highlights for this edition

  • Counseling in a Time of COVID-19: Information & Resources
  • COVID-19, Fear and What Counselors Can Do To Help
  • Trauma Informed Care: Mindfulness-Based Treatment for Post-Traumatic Growth
  • The Neuroscience of Habits
  • Radical Compassion in Challenging Times

Access the newsletter

Psychotherapy.net COVID-19 Resources

Resources to help you help your clients during these challenging times.

Click here to access the webpage.

American Counselling Association - Counselling in the Time of COVID-19


We understand this global pandemic means significant changes to how you are fulfilling your professional responsibilities.

During times like this, counselors play a crucial role in sharing accurate public information, and in helping clients maintain perspective while providing methods of coping and continuing their wellness strategies.

More information

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health by Canada Life

Improve psychological health and safety in your workplace.

Support employee success when mental health is a factor.

More information

Multilingual Resources

Find mental health supports in various languages HERE (stress, mental health challenges, addiction or other barriers).

“Multicultural Mental Health Resource Centre  provides access to resources to support culturally safe and competent mental health care for Canada’s diverse population.”

Self-Care / Soins personnels

How Communities Can Prevent Panic in Uncertain Times

“How Communities Can Prevent Panic in Uncertain Times” discusses how to manage anxiety and panic during the pandemic, and precautions to take during a lasting public health crisis. You can find the full resource HERE.

Therapy Assistance Online - Mindfulness Exercises

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Many people are struggling with worry and anxiety.  To help everyone cope, we are making mindfulness exercises available to those in need through this difficult time.

Access them here

Health Canada Psycho-Social Emergency Response Team (PSERT) Daily Occupational Stress Self-Assessment

These resources were developed by the Health Canada Psycho-Social Emergency Response Team (PSERT) for public health nurses, first responders, and repatriated cruise passengers quarantined at CFB Trenton and NavCan Cornwall.

Normal Stress Response

Daily Occupational Stress Self-Assessment

The Personal Insurance / Assurance La Personnelle

The current situation resulting from the spread of COVID-19 affects us all and we want you to know that The Personal is here for you. We understand that you may be struggling at this time. That’s why we want to make things a little easier for you with our relief measures.

  • Helping clients who are driving less during the pandemic
  • Helping people make deliveries
  • Protecting clients who are working from home

To learn more, please visit https://www.thepersonal.com/covid-19-en

Comme plusieurs assurés, vous vivez peut-être une situation plus difficile en raison du coronavirus. À La Personnelle, nous sommes là pour vous. Nous comprenons parfaitement vos inquiétudes et veillons à mettre en place différentes mesures d’allègement pouvant vous faciliter la vie.

  • Faire économiser les assurés qui utilisent beaucoup moins leur véhicule
  • Aider les gens à faire des livraisons
  • Bien protéger nos assurés en télétravail

The Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI)

The Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI) provides resources and training in the areas of mental health, trauma, addictions, and more.

Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada

Wellness Together Canada: Mental Health and Substance Use Support

Recognizing the pressure that COVID-19 has placed on Canadians, the federal government launched Wellness Together Canada, to provide tools and resources to help Canadians – including modules for addressing low mood, worry, substance abuse, social isolation and relationship issues.  There is also an option for counselling by text or phone. We have confirmed that counsellors and psychotherapists are accepted as service providers.

Homewood Health and Medavie Blue Cross are health providers supporting the initiative. In order to be considered for a position with the portal, you must register to be an approved provider through Homewood Health and/or Medavie Blue Cross websites. Certain eligibility criteria will apply, and there is no guaranteed approval.

Homewood Health:


Medavie Blue Cross:


Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA)

Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA)

The government has announced an expansion to the eligibility criteria for the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA).The $25 billion program provides interest free loans of up to $40,000 to small businesses to help cover operating costs due to COVID-19.

Repaying the balance of the loan before December 31, 2022 will result in loan forgiveness of 25%.

The program will now be available to a greater number of businesses that are sole proprietors receiving income directly from their businesses, businesses that rely on contractors, and family-owned corporations that pay employees through dividends rather than payroll.

To qualify under the expanded eligibility criteria, applicants with payroll lower than $20,000 would need:

  • a business operating account at a participating financial institution
  • a Canada Revenue Agency business number, and to have filed a 2018 or 2019 tax return.
  • eligible non-deferrable expenses between $40,000 and $1.5 million. Eligible non-deferrable expenses could include costs such as rent, property taxes, utilities, and insurance.

Expenses will be subject to verification and audit by the Government of Canada. Funding will be delivered in partnership with financial institutions. For more information, visit https://ceba-cuec.ca/

Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

The Government of Canada is taking immediate, significant and decisive action to support Canadians and businesses facing hardship as a result of the global COVID-19 outbreak.

On this page

Canada Self-Assessment Tool and App / Outil et application d'autoévaluation du Canada

Canada COVID-19 Support App / Application de support COVID-19 du Canada

The app will let you receive the latest updates, trusted resources, and self-assess your symptoms.

L’application vous permettra de recevoir les dernières mises à jour, des ressources fiables et d’auto-évaluer vos symptômes.


Outbreak Updates

On this page:

  • Current situation
  • Risk to Canadians
  • How Canada is monitoring COVID-19
  • History
  • Contact us
  • Updates

Coronavirus disease: Awareness resources

Access all resources here.

Mental health and COVID-19 for public servants: Protect your mental health

On this page:

  • Mental health and wellness during COVID-19
  • Self-care and resilience
  • Financial well-being
  • Additional resources

Working Remotely

On this page:

  • Working remotely and critical services
  • Setting up your workspace
  • Managing your work and productivity
  • Maintaining your wellbeing
  • Who to contact for more information


Canada's Health Organizations (Including by Province)

List of:

  • Federal Departments and Agencies
  • Health Organizations
  • Provinces and Territories Health Authorities
  • Canadian Health Stakeholder Organizations
  • International Organizations

Access it here.

Research Funding / Financement de la recherche

On April 23, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu, announced a $115 million investment in Canada’s rapid research response to COVID-19. This includes the first funding opportunity in the COVID-19 and Mental Health Initiative, Knowledge Synthesis: COVID-19 in Mental Health and Substance Use. This funding opportunity will support the immediate health services needs through rapid knowledge syntheses and knowledge mobilization plans for existing mental health and substance use services in the COVID-19 context.

The application deadline for this funding opportunity is May 7. We ask that you share this funding opportunity with colleagues, teams or other members of your community who see value in applying, as there is a short window in which to do so.

For questions related to the COVID-19 and Mental Health Initiative, please email [email protected].


Le 23 avril, le premier ministre Justin Trudeau et la ministre de la Santé, Patty Hajdu, ont annoncé un investissement de 115 millions de dollars dans l’intervention de recherche rapide du Canada contre la COVID-19. Cet investissement comprend la première possibilité de financement s’inscrivant dans l’initiative sur la santé mentale et la COVID-19, Synthèse des connaissances : Santé mentale, toxicomanie et COVID-19. Cette possibilité de financement permettra de répondre aux besoins immédiats en matière de services de santé en encourageant des synthèses et des plans de mobilisation des connaissances rapides qui aideront à adapter les services de santé mentale et de toxicomanie existants au contexte de la COVID-19.

La date limite pour présenter une demande à cette possibilité de financement est le 7 mai. Nous vous demandons de bien vouloir transmettre cette possibilité de financement à vos collègues, équipes ou autres membres de votre milieu qui souhaiteraient présenter une demande, étant donné le court délai pour le faire.

Pour vous renseigner sur l’initiative sur la santé mentale et la COVID-19 des IRSC, écrivez à [email protected].

Virtual Resources for School Counsellors
Creative Arts Therapy Related Resources

Creative Arts in Counselling and Psychotherapy Chapter COVID-19 Resources

CACP Chapter COVID-19 Resources Document

Art Therapy

The Canadian Art Therapy Association has compiled a list of resources for Art Therapists, as well as general resources for mental-health practitioners. Their list is accessible to all and can be found here.

Art Therapy Coloring is a website that provides art therapy anti-stress colouring books for purchase. They can be explored here.  More information can be found here

Sick Kids is a children’s hospital that provides resources and information regarding art therapy for children. They can be contacted at the following email address: [email protected] 

Music Therapy

The Canadian Association for Music Therapists has posted numerous resources for its members including COVID-19 online-session consent forms, legal/clinical aspects to consider before running online music therapy sessions, as well as information on financial assistance. Currently, these resources are only available to members of the CAMT (a login is required to access the information), however, we encourage you to reach out to your professional association for additional resources!

Sick Kids is a children’s hospital that provides resources and information regarding music therapy for children. They can be contacted at the following email address: [email protected] 

Dance/Movement Therapy

The American Dance Therapy Association has provided information and resources to clinicians and the general public about continuing therapy online. To contact them, click here.

Drama Therapy

The North American Drama Therapy Association has published a public statement as well as resources related to working as drama therapists during the COVID-19 pandemic. The information is accessible to all and available here.

Do Think Share: Create to Connect is an excellent resource to help ignite that creative fire! With daily prompts in various artistic mediums, Create to Connect is a great tool to keep yourself challenged and motivated! For more information, click here.