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CCPA’s 2021 Conference was held virtually due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The event featured live & recorded sessions throughout the month of May, with a full schedule from the 13th to the 15th.

Pre-recorded sessions as well as live sessions that were recorded are available until July 28, 2021.


The full program included over 100 live and recorded sessions.


Access On-Demand Sessions

On-demand sessions can be access through the Pheedloop portal until July 28th, 2021. Only registered attendees have access. Once registered, the link to the virtual portal is sent via email.


Sponsors and Exhibitors

These companies supported the event by sponsoring or exhibiting at the conference.


Thank you to the following attendees who agreed to share their experience with our first virtual conference!

Congratulations to the organizing committee of CCPA/ACCP for the variety, clarity and ease of attending this virtual event. You really stepped up to embrace the platform and I appreciate very much having been able to attend virtually. Equally deep thanks to all speakers and presenters who’ve proven once again that we Counsellors are flexible, intelligent and light on our feet. 🙂 – Anonymous

Was moved by many moments of sharing and caring…virtual connection is still connection Anonymous

What a wonderful group of people, challenging topics handled with ease and overall five star growth experience! – Anonymous

The CCPA Virtual Conference provided easy access, financially feasible, and a wide range of quality speakers resulting in a dynamic learning environment. The wealth of knowledge was tops and the connections made from the conference will likely be long lasting. Thanks. NormQuantz.com (Trauma Specialist)

This 2021 Virtual Conference exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Well organized, excellent speakers and a fun experience! Thank you.Anonymous

I was very pleased with the 2021 virtual CCPA conference. It provided an opportunity to attend quality presentations both live and pre-recorded. The virtual awards ceremony gave us a chance to celebrate the accomplishments of many CCPA members. Thank you to Alene Holmes, Kim Hollihan, Karina Albert, and the team at CCPA National Office for their excellent organizational skills during the challenging times of a pandemic. I look forward to attending future CCPA conferences whether they are on-site, on-line, or in a hybrid format.Janice Graham-Migel, PhD, RCT, CCC, CCC-S, President, School Counsellors Chapter

CCPA staff successfully planned and presented an effective learning opportunity for members; highlighting a wide variety of professionally relevant topics, shared by knowledgeable presenters. Anonymous