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Master’s level credit course in supervision


Online – hosted by the University of Lethbridge; sponsored by CCPA


January 6, 2020 – April 18, 2020;

Continuing Education Credits:

This course has been pre-approved by CCPA for 36 continuing education credits.


The deadline to apply to the CCPA to take the course is December 5, 2019.


Course tuition fee of $583.75, plus miscellaneous fees (e.g., Student Administrative Fee, Student Copyright Access Fee, etc.).

General Working Description (subject to adjustment by instructor)

This course focuses on fundamental issues in the theory and practice of clinical supervision, including: models of supervision, the supervision relationship, the impact of culture and diversity and personal factors on supervision, supervision techniques and practices, evaluation, and legal/ethical considerations in supervision. Students will develop supervisory attitudes and knowledge that will support their role in supervisory relationships.

Students who are eligible to take the course must:

  • be a Canadian Certified Counsellor in good standing with CCPA*
  • hold a minimum of four years of clinical experience as a practicing counsellor/ psychotherapist or equivalent relevant experience
  • be engaged in a supervisory role (i.e., providing supervision to counsellors-in-training or counsellors-in-practice )
  • have no active ethical complaints under investigation
  • possess personal liability insurance

*If space permits, the course will be open to certified members of a professional association or Regulatory College which adheres to a code of ethics and standards of practice equivalent to or greater than that of CCPA and has an oversight body in place to address any ethics inquiries or complaints.


For information regarding the application process or eligibility to take the course, contact [email protected].
For queries regarding the course and its delivery, contact the University of Lethbridge at 1-800-666-3503 or email [email protected].

Enrolment is limited.