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Meet our partners

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Multiple chances to win 6 months free on Owl memberships

Chance to win 1 free year of Owl membership

Chance to win one handmade sand tray by Greg of Sandtrays Etc.



First 2 months free for new Owl memberships

15% rebate on THERASOL website development

10% rebate on 25-50 specially selected titles through Odin Books

20% rebate on BC Playthings’ products (excluding LEGO)

50% rebate on select CIIAN trainings

Exclusive Content

Access to exclusive webinars and offerings upon signing up for BYPP (Build Your Private Practice), depending on type of subscription

Access to 3 complimentary blog posts by THERASOL upon purchase of website development

Learn more about our partners below!

Owl Practice – Lead Partner

“You take care of your clients, we’ll manage your practice.”

Comprehensive and compliant solutions to help you manage your practice, deliver digital therapy, and acquire new clients.




BMS Canada Risk Services (BMS) is dedicated to working with associations, primarily in the health care space by providing specialist coverage and risk management services to more than 600,000 professionals throughout Canada via 70 plus national and provincial associations. BMS works in partnership with CCPA to deliver tailored professional liability insurance and business-related products specifically designed for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.


THERASOL Marketing

Through THERASOL you can #ReachMore and #HelpMore with an online presence for the people who need your services the most.


THERASOL believes that a website can and should act as a foundational marketing tool, from which you can promote articles of interest and build strong social outreach strategies.


THERASOL offers the creation of websites, social media outreach assistance and blogging services in many mental health related topics of your choosing.


Let a solution from THERASOL – MARKETING FOR THERAPISTS IN CANADA take the daunting task of online positioning off your shoulders and make your journey to practicing as smooth as possible.



Sandtrays Etc.
Sandtrays Etc.

Sand Trays Etc., is a unique workshop located on Vancouver Island that is dedicated to building the tools used by therapists, counsellors, and mental health professionals across Canada and the US who work with families and children.

For more than 10 years we have produced exclusively sand trays, rolling carts and folding stands, as well as  other items for playrooms, offices, schools, hospitals, and institutions.


All of the things we produce have been built to meet the rigorous demands to which they are subject in their professional settings.



Odin Books
Odin Books

Odin Books has provided the best in recommended resources to schools, school districts, mental health professionals, educators and individuals for the last 30 years.


They stock books, puppets, posters, puzzles, sensory toys, games, tools, and products designed to improve lives.


Odin Books saw the need for more accessible resources about topics that few felt comfortable mentioning and made them available for everyone. These materials can be found in their Vancouver store and in their online shop.

Odin Books is committed to matching the best products to your needs.



Build Your Private Practice (BYPP)

We teach Canadian counsellors & therapists to launch, grow and scale their private practice. We offer high-quality, affordable programs and coaching for every stage of private practice so you can reach your goals and create the practice you’ve been dreaming of!



Fearless Practice
Fearless Practice

My name is Julia and I started a part-time private practice in Halifax in 2016. I started a private practice because I wanted to be able to counsel clients with therapy approaches that I was passionate about. I also wanted to set my own hours, to be able to support myself financially, and to have a choice on who I counselled. Self-care is important to me. I wanted to provide quality counselling and not work 40 hours plus per week, seeing a lot of clients and getting burnt out!

It was difficult to start a private practice on my own. There were soooooo many things to consider! I read article after article, joined Facebook groups, and listened to a lot of podcasts! It was time-consuming, energy depriving, and lonely. I became a big ball of stress, not knowing if I was making the right decisions for my unique private practice.

I realized that I needed help and support.

So I ended up hiring a consultant to help me start my private practice. And within a couple months, I was feeling confident and relaxed about my business. Since then my part-time private practice has grown and is doing well!

I now help other Canadian therapists who need support and guidance as they start their own private practice. With my experience, I will lead you through the process, support you through the stress, and give you expert Canadian advice on how to build a private practice.


CIIAN (Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation)

Learn practical skills to increase your safety and proficiency at work.


For 30 years, the Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN), has trained thousands from across the globe, the art and science of transforming the destructive path of conflict into a tool for growth.


Participants will gain strategies to navigate the entire spectrum of conflict including the prevention, de-escalation, and resolution of destructive conflict.


You’ll also be introduced to tools that can be applied in professional practice including methods to understand and address personal conflict, beliefs, power, and conflict coping strategies.  


Self-paced and online, get started immediately and learn to master essential negotiation and conflict resolution skills so that you’re better equipped to serve your clients.



BC Playthings
BC Play Things

We are a cozy little neighborhood toy store in beautiful Edgemont Village!


BC Playthings is a a team of courageous “Play Specialists!”. We are united by our connection to, and our collaboration with our customers, their families, our community, and the various professionals who work with children.


Through our mutual wonderment and play, BC Playthings is constantly learning, adapting, and becoming our “true” selves. By showing our fierceness, others want to join in the fun.  Childhood, adulthood and elderhood, should always be explored with an honest, fun loving curiosity, and we can hold hands and do it together!


BC Playthings cares about our growing community and because of that, we look for specialized toys for therapists, parents, and educators all the time. We love to work with specialists to expand on our selections to ensure your play space is current, fun and creative!



Looking to become a partner? Contact Zoe Fraser at [email protected]