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If you are missing documentation, are short on satisfying an aspect of the certification requirements, or are simply uncertain as to whether your application will meet CCPA requirements, you may apply for a Certification Pre-Evaluation. The Registrar will determine if you meet the requirements as well as which gaps and omissions in your application need to be addressed in order to meet the requirements.

The Pre-Evaluation service allows prospective applicants to have their credentials reviewed for gaps and omissions prior to seeking certification. CCPA calls it a “Pre-Evaluation” and the cost is $40 for a basic pre-evaluation and $100 for a complex pre-evaluation. To find out whether you fall into a basic or complex category, please see below or the pre-evaluation forms. You don’t have to be a member to apply. The Registrar will review your file and offer specific recommendations towards meeting certification requirements.

Complex Pre-Evaluation is for applicants with some or all of the below considerations:

  • International Degrees: third-party credential evaluation
  • Mixed institution degrees (non-coherent degrees)
  • Foreign work experience or practicum
  • Work experience without supervision for attestation

Basic Pre-evaluation is for applicant’s with both of the following considerations:

  • Canadian and USA (regionally accredited degrees)
  • Evaluation of course work and/or Practicum

Please submit the following:

  1. A completed Basic OR Complex Certification Pre-Evaluation Form;
  2. A copy of your graduate transcript;
  3. Course syllabi to be considered for certification; and
  4. A CCC Practicum Form indicating the setting, the supervision, the number of DCC hours. This form does not have to be signed by the supervisor for the purpose of pre evaluation.
  5. Payment information for the $40 or $100 Pre-Evaluation fee (by credit card or cheque).
  6. Any additional documentation which you believe will support or provide important information in the evaluation of your credential