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Trauma-Informed Practice – Level 2

April 29, 2017        9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre Auditorium

Acadia University, 32 University Ave., Wolfville, NS

Pre-approved by CCPA for 4.5 CECs!

The experience of trauma and violence is often central in the lives of the individuals we support. A trauma-informed practice approach requires the practitioner to understand and have the skills needed to integrate this knowledge into practice—without the requirement of a trauma disclosure. It is important to explore trauma from a broad lens incorporating not only the individual, but also taking into account larger structural issues and daily experiences of oppression and triggers that can create trauma and traumatic reactions. During this workshop we will move from a description of trauma-informed practice to a trauma-specific approach. This course will introduce the predominant framework for the treatment of trauma, and will then review the large variety of specific treatments for trauma that are now available.

This workshop will help a professional counsellor gain a greater understanding of trauma and its effects on clients. A practical outline will be provided to assist counsellors to develop the necessary skills. This workshop will expand on the trauma-informed practice and explore how to integrate this knowledge into their current practices.  This workshop will have 4.5 CEUs from CCPA.


Workshop content:

  • What is trauma-informed practice- trauma-specific practice?
  • Exploration of the three phase model for Counsellors/Psychotherapists working with trauma survivors(practice examples from each phase)
  • Review of empirical supported therapeutic interventions for trauma
  • Strength based focus on resilience
  • Self-Compassion: Self care

About our presenter:
Dale Gruchy is an adult educator who comes with an over 20 years working experience in the mental health and substance use fields. Last year, Dale finished her tenure as a project manager for Nova Scotia’s provincial initiative creating a framework designed to bring Trauma-informed practice to the Nova Scotia Health System. She currently serves on the Provincial Training Committee under the Department of Community NS Sexual Violence, and is part of the management team of the Annapolis Valley Sexual Violence Project. She currently is a faculty member at the Nova Scotia Community College and Summer Lecturer in the Graduate Counselling Program at Acadia University’s Education Program.

32 University Ave, Wolfville, NS, Canada

Workshop Location

Auditorium of the K. C. Irving Environmental Science Centre. The auditorium is located is the lower level, accessible by elevator or stairs. This building is also home to the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens known for their beauty and serenity.

32 University Ave., Acadia University, Wolfville – see above map


Free parking is available in the parking lot at the southwest corner of campus (near Crowell Hall). Parking is also available on Crowell Drive, located across from the K.C. Irving Environmental Centre.Some permit lots allow parking on the weekend. Please be sure to read the signs to see if the lot you wish to park in offers public access on the weekend.

Acadia University Campus Map

Downtown Wolfville Restaurants (Walking distance)

View at http://www.wolfville.ca/experiencing-wolfville/food-and-wine#restaurants.

Coffee is available from the The K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre Café. The Café is a not-for-profit coffee bar in the building’s main lobby. The café serves local, fair trade and organic products to Acadia students, staff and visitors in a relaxed and tranquil environment.Hours are 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.There are several coffee shops located in downtown Wolfville on Main Street.

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Registration closes Wednesday April 25, 2017.


Email [email protected].

Sponsored by the Nova Scotia Chapter of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association