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Our 2014 Annual Conference took place in Victoria, BC from May 7th to May 9th, 2014.

Session Handouts

Adrian Juric – The Therapeutic Power of Metaphors from the Natural World

Amy Marco and Erin Music-Neily – –Supervision of Novice Counsellors

Candace Reinsch – Adding Science to the Mix of Business & Pleasure: An Exploratory Study of Positive Psychology Interventions with Teachers Accessing Employee Assistance Counselling

Daniel Klassen – Forgiveness Conversations in Small Groups

Jean Eaton – Managing a Privacy Breach – 3 Mistakes in Managing a Privacy Breach

Jeff Landine, John Stewart – Second Order Employability Skills: What Really Makes You Employable?

Kim Hollihan and Blythe Shepard – The Designation of Candian Certified Counsellor – Supervisor

Marilyn Haight and Esther Benoit – Reframing the Student Development Process in Counsellor Education Programs to a 360-Degree Life Contingency Plan

Rick Bradshaw and Laurie Detwiler – Observed and Experiential Integration (OEI): A New Trauma Therapy – Theory/Research, Demonstration, and Hands-On Experience

Tracy Duffy – Navigating “No Man’s Land”…Helping Children Survive Family Separation and Divorce

Anne Marshall, Honore France, Jennifer Coverdale – A’TOLA’NW (SENCOTEN): “A Time of Hope and Respecting One Another” Integrating Traditional Knowledge and Counselling Practice for Indigenous Communities

Phil Jarvis – Career Preparation: The Shortest Route to Success and Prosperity

Jessica Isenor, Roberta Neault – A Snapshot of Career Counselling Education in Canada

Janice Graham-Migel – The Leadership Role of School Counsellors

Lara Dempster – Don’t Just Talk About It – Do It!: An Experiential Approach to Group Counselling

Bill Thomas – Indigenous Psychotherapy

Karen Ross, Tom Strong, Monica Sesma-Vazquez – Counselling the Already (Self?) Diagnosed Client

Paul Jerry, Lawrence Murphy, Simon Nuttgens, Dan Mitchell, Dawn Schell – Re-Visioning the Future: A Mapping of the Whole of Our Field Online

Kevin Alderson – Writing for Submission to the Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy and Other Professional Journals

Kristy Dykshoorn – Factors Contributing to Sibling Relationship Quality when a Child has Autism Spectrum Disorder

Gary Simpson – Encouraging Shamelessness

Ken Hundert – Reflecting on “Self” and Practice: An Introduction to Internal Family Systems Therapy

Clarence De Schiffart and Laurie Edwards – Opening New Frontiers – Creating Hope in the Midst of Chaos

Barbara Kennedy, Sumerlee Samuels – Motherhood Beyond the Maternal Body: Navigating Coinciding Practices of Maternity

Christian Moore – 10 Strategies Proven to Inspire Even the Most Struggling Youth

Glenn Sheppard – Record Keeping for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Patricia Fisher, Françoise Mathieu – Addressing the Critical Role of Workplace Stress and Vicarious Trauma for Mental Health Counsellors and Their Clients: Three Key Tools to Manage Compassion

Blythe Shepard, Glenn Sheppard and Panelists – The Current Regulatory Status of Counselling/Psychotherapy in Canada: A Cross Country Checkup

David Fairweather and Leanne Campbell – EFT in Action: An Experiential Primer and Introduction to Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy

Peter Menzies – Working with Aboriginal Peoples: Psychotherapy and Traditional Intervention Strategies

Karine Coen-Sanchez – Deliverance from Oneself – Understanding Trust Through a Spiritual Process


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