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Complex CCC Eligibility Assessment is for non-members of CCPA who do not hold a graduate degree from a coherent counselling graduate degree from a Canadian or USA institution.


Complex CCC Eligibility Assessment

"*" indicates required fields

1. Applicant Information


2. Education

Must hold graduate degree in counselling or related field
Graduate Degree(s)*

Graduate Degree(s)

3. Graduate-level coursework toward certification

Any education that is not completed at an acceptable institution, or is not at the graduate level, is not eligible.

Counselling Theory (Compulsory)

Supervised Counselling Practicum/Internship (Compulsory)

Counselling and Communication Skills (Compulsory for graduates after Sept 2012)

Professional Ethics (Compulsory for graduates after Sept 2012)

3. Elective Courses

Please refer to corresponding section in the Certification guide.

4. Supporting Documentation

A copy of your transcript and course descriptions must be submitted with your application; please see the corresponding section on the Certification Guide. In addition, please identify which additional documentation you wish to provide for evaluation by the Registrar.
Comprehensive Canadian Equivalency
Graduates from an international institution (outside of Canada or the USA) will need to apply for a comprehensive Canadian equivalency through third-party evaluation by a credential assessment service recognized by the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials. Applicants must obtain a post-secondary course-by-course comprehensive report as opposed to a general assessment report.
CCC Practicum Form(s)
One form per practicum placement.
CCC Work Experience Form(s)
One form per employer/workplace. Letter(s) from employers may also be a suitable alternative if they describe the nature of work and number of hours of employment.
TWO CCC Reference Forms
Must be completed by a graduate-level counsellor, counsellor-educator, or counselling supervisor. The individual must be someone in a non-compliant relationship with you. Pathway Two applicants must provide at least one Reference Form from a clinical supervisor who has engaged in formal supervisory activities according to CCC criteria and can speak to the applicant’s competencies.
Resume / CV
Other (please describe)

5. Attestation

Please read carefully for important information regarding your application
I certify that the information provided in this application is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that the outcome of my application depends upon my demonstration of how my application satisfies the required criteria, including presenting relevant coursework in Section 3 for consideration by the Registrar. I will practice in accordance with CCPA’s Code of Ethics. I have included a valid criminal records check with vulnerable sector screening conducted within the last 12 months or will submit one to CCPA shortly. I understand that any certification granted to me by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association does not in and of itself specify licensure to practice counselling for a fee, monetary or otherwise. If I am granted certification by CCPA and practice counselling as a private practitioner, I do so at my own risk. I hereby release CCPA from any and all liability and/or claim that may arise from any decisions to practice privately as a Canadian Certified Counsellor. For research and statistical purposes only, data resulting from my participation in this process may be used in an unidentifiable manner. I understand that all material becomes the property of CCPA upon receipt and that originals will not be returned to me, with the exception of the Criminal Records Check (if requested by the applicant).
MM slash DD slash YYYY

6. Payment

Payment can be made online by logging into the Member Portal at https://members.ccpa-accp.ca. The total cost for this application is $100.