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Present on your research and knowledge based on your education and experience working with clients.

Our attendees are waiting to learn from people like you!

The 2023 CCPA Conference will be held from October 19 (pre-conference) to October 21, 2023 (conference 20 & 21) at the InterContinental Toronto Centre Hotel in Toronto, ON

2023 Theme – Unpacking for Equity’s Sake

We’re going to Toronto! The City of Toronto’s motto is “Diversity, Our Strength”.

Join counselling and psychotherapy colleagues from across the country to unpack our understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices and their influence in the counselling relationship and professional development. Be inspired and encouraged to move towards equity and justice in the healing process.


We encourage proposals related to the above theme as well as other topics related to the counselling and psychotherapy profession.

Instructions for Submissions

  1. Proposals must be received by Wednesday, November 30, 2022. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.
  2. A confirmation of receipt of the proposal will be sent to the email address for the contact person listed on the application form.
  3. All workshops for the conference will be 90 minutes. The pre-conference sessions are either 3 hours (half-day) or 6 hours (full day).
  4. All speakers must present in-person and be available to be scheduled on either October 20 or 21 for the conference and on October 19 for the pre-conference.
  5. Presenters must register for the conference and presenters receive a 10% discount code off their registration. For the pre-conference, there is no registration fee for presenters.
  6. Several workshops will be recorded to provide access to people who cannot attend in person. For this reason, openness to being recorded will be considered when reviewing and selecting proposals.
  7. For submissions with more than one presenter, all communication will be sent to the main contact person identified on the proposal (usually the person who submits the proposal).
  8. By submitting a presentation proposal, it is understood that the presenter(s) agree to be part of an evaluation process that asks conference participants to evaluate each session they attend.
  9. The Program Committee reserves the right to make final presentation selections. Presenters will be notified of final acceptance and regrets via e-mail to the main contact person.
  10. By submitting a presentation proposal, it is understood that the presenter(s) agree(s) to present and to participate as proposed, if accepted, and recorded if applicable.
  11. Write an accurate program description, as you want it to appear in the final program. Once a submission is received and reviewed, the description can’t be changed significantly. The Program Committee reserves the right to edit abstracts.
  12. Organizers encourage the submission of presentation proposals in either official language. Sessions can be offered in French or English. A limited number of sessions will be translated simultaneously. The Program Committee will select the sessions to be simultaneously translated and the Event Specialist will contact the presenters for their agreement.
  13. Presenters are invited to submit summary reports and copies of their presentations/handouts for possible publication and/or to be posted on the conference website before or after the event.

Application Evaluation Process

Each application will be reviewed and evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Completeness and accuracy of the application
  • Relevance to intended conference audience (described below)
  • Relevance to the 2023 theme.
  • Language of presentation: Organizers are committed to offering presentation opportunities in both official languages.
  • Level of presentation: The organizers encourage presentations aimed at different levels of knowledge: introductory, intermediate or advanced. The presenter must decide on and indicate the level at which they consider their session to be.
  • Style of presentation:
    • Interactive, using demonstrations, and discussions.
    • Individual presentation/demonstration – intended to provide an opportunity for participants to learn about innovative effective programs and practices related to the various topics listed.
    • Panel discussion – intended to target a specific issue or idea. Using a variety of perspectives, the discussion should provide alternative solutions, interpretations or contrasting points of view on the subject.
    • Hands-on – intended to actively engage participants over fifty percent of the session time, dealing with curriculum, best practices, and obtaining new skills.

Intended Audience

It is expected that 300 participants will attend. Intended audience includes:

  • Counsellors
  • Educators
  • Career practitioners
  • Community agencies
  • Universities and colleges
  • Employment services
  • Policy makers

Please share this Call for Proposals with your colleagues. Thank you for your interest in our conference. We look forward to your submission!

Submit a Proposal for the Conference