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CCPA is pleased to announce its 3rd Research Conference, which will be held in partnership with St. Stephen’s College, from October 14-15, 2016 at The St. Albert United Church in St. Albert, Alberta.


The research conference offers a space for academics and the counselling and psychotherapy community to meet together to discuss works in progress, locate potential research partners, and share relevant new findings. Students, senior scholars, faculty, mentors, practitioners, supervisors and educators all benefit when sharing opportunities arise.
Feedback from the CCPA’s Inaugural Research Conference was overwhelmingly positive and proved that opportunities to increase the sharing of knowledge, challenges, practices, and findings through practice-based, theoretical, or applied research into our profession, brought people from across the country together.

This year’s research conference will feature an evening with Clara Hughes and post-conference workshops with Dawn McBride and Markus Alexander.

Registration prices are listed below

Keynote Speakers

Markus Scott-Alexander, PhD, REAT has been a psychotherapist for 30 years, beginning in New York and currently practicing and teaching in Edmonton, where he is the director of World Arts Organization (worldartsorg.com), training students in Expressive Arts Therapy. This program is in cooperation with the European Graduate School, Saas Fee, Switzerland, where his is senior faculty.  He also teaches at St. Stephen’s College, where he helped to create the Art Therapy specialization. His arts-based, cross-cultural approach to the teaching of psychotherapy has recently taken him to Norway, Peru, Hong Kong, China, Ireland and Malta.

Meaningful Research. How can research nourish us and keep us in a soulful place of true inquiry? How can the creation of an artful research theory contribute to the transformative work of the counselor and psychotherapist? How can the research process itself be more playful, creative and inventive while still being grounded in reality and truly useful? This keynote looks at the relationship between skill and inspiration as essential ingredients for meaningful research. The manner with which we hold our questions changes everything.

Marni Panas is a community and health engagement professional with a focus on diversity and inclusion.  She has been invited to share her experiences and expertise in community engagement, facilitation, Patient & Family Centred Care, loss, and inclusive health and cultural safety for LGBTQ patients and their families locally, nationally and internationally. Marni is also a transgender woman who has been very transparent throughout her journey in the hopes of fostering acceptance through education and respectful dialogue.

Creating safe and inclusive environments for sexual and gender diverse (LGBTQ) people. When one begins to live their true and authentic self, every relationship needs to be renegotiated.   Marni explores many of the relationship that had to be renegotiated in her life on her road to living a happy, healthy and complete life as the woman she was always meant to be. Through her presentation, she will help you understand the lived and learned realities of sexual and gender minority (LGBTQ) people; explore and engage with LGBTQ terminology; break down the myths about transgender people; and develop skills in creating a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for people of a sexual or gender minority.

Conference Program

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An Evening with
Clara Hughes

Talk, Q&A, book signing and silent auction

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Attend a workshop with Dawn McBride or Markus Alexander!

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The Evening with Clara Hughes is included in the conference registration. Delegates who register for the conference receive a discount on the post-conference workshops (when registering for both at the same time).

Conference (including Evening with Clara Hughes)Conference (including Evening with Clara Hughes) with Post-Conference WorkshopPost-Conference Workshop Only
CCPA Members$250$300$150

Please note that conference registration includes the evening with Clara Hughes. However, if you wish to purchase extra tickets to the Clara Hughes event for somebody accompanying you, please click here.