RESPECTFUL Counselling Cube

Hello readers, in my effort to learn new skills  and incorporate  that in my practice, I was recently introduced to something called the RESPECTFUL Counselling Cube.  I am still in the process of integrating it in my practice and if anyone has tried it successfully I would be interested in learning more.

The RESPECTFUL counselling framework is a model that introduces a new way of perceiving individuals who are involved in the practice of counseling – those seeking assistance and practitioners such as counselors and psychologists. This framework involves two basic assumptions. The first involves the belief that the eventual aim of counseling is to enhance and develop the client’s improvement in all aspects. The second involves the recognition of the fact that human development is complex, multidimensional, and unique. Both assumptions are essential in addressing the needs of adolescents, who are considered to be a vulnerable population in today’s society

The RESPECTFUL framework can be applied in the counseling especially because it focuses on the following factor ‘s of an individual ‘s development (R ) religious-spiritual identity (E ethnic-cultural-racial background (S ) sexual identity (P psychological maturity (E ) economic class background (C chronological-developmental challenges (T ) threats to one ‘s personal well-being (F ) family history and dynamics (U ) unique physical characteristics , and (L ) location of residence (D ‘Andrea Daniels 2000).

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